Project Description


Qurtuba Estate is a mixed-use development that provides an attractive living and working arrangement.

Qurtuba Estate is an iconic residential estate located in Linbro Park, and is AMPM Projects’ landmark residential development. The transportive surroundings of this growing estate are rooted in Islamic architectural design. The estate’s most iconic structure, Masjid Tariq bin Ziyad, is at the centre of the sprawling five-hectare property. A variety of residential options extend from this centre including; 6 luxurious homes overlooking a picturesque dam, 60 rentable apartments, and 110 upmarket apartments with a view of the Sandton skyline. Public amenities include an active park, gym, clubhouse, astroturf soccer court, horse stables, self-catering accommodation, and various halls to host events. We also focused on elements of sustainable living, such as; heat pump geysers, water reservoirs, and generators.